And I want to help you tell it

I love me a good adventure story. Who doesn’t? A well-written tale can transport our psyches from couch to canoe or from desk to divers seat. A well-written story can also inspire us to get out there and create our own adventures. So let’s get writing. What adventure story do you have to tell?

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Guatape Colombia by scooter

My love for two-wheeled adventures is not limited to leg-powered bicycles. No, I’m a fan of any adventure or excursion that involves riding any sort of ‘bike’. So I was thrilled when I saw a shop in Guatapé that rents scooters by the hour. Most people who come to Gautapé come for two things: to see the colorful zocalo in the center of town and to hike up the steeps steps of La Piedra for an amazing view over the lakes and islands that make up this part of Colombia. Most, in fact, just make Gautapé a day trip from Medelln.

Study Wildlife conversation in kenya

Our classroom for the day was the summit of a rocky foothill near Mt. Kilimanjaro. Our chairs were small round boulders and our desks were our own sunburned thighs. We sat side by side, knee to knee, listening to our professor speak about conservation issues in Kenya and how modern technology and an increasing human population is negatively impacting wildlife by consuming their natural habitats..

How to work and travel on a small cruise ship

If I had a dollar every time I heard somebody exclaim “that’s my dream job!” I’d be a far richer woman than I am today. Working on a National Geographic cruise ship as a massage therapist was, in many ways, my dream job. I traveled to Alaska in the summer, the Pacific Northwest in the fall, and Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico in the winter.