Areas of Writing



Pretty pictures are all well and good - who doesn’t love a brightly dressed, puffy-clad mountaineer pausing to gaze out over a snow-capped mountain range in the distance - but pictures don’t sell. Words sell I can help you find the right words for your brand so that you can convince your customers that a product or service is a perfect fit for them.


Let’s be honest here, food that is eaten on the trail or in the backcountry tastes so.darn.good. Maybe it’s the mountain air that gets mixed in when we chew or maybe it’s because we’re so hungry that anything in the moment would taste magnificent. But whatever it is, outdoor eats are divine and even better when they’re homemade.


Blogs are a big business these days and a well-written blog post has the potential to reach thousands of - if not more - potential customers. Blog posts can encompass anything from gear reviews to personal adventures to top 10 lists and everything in between. The sky is the limit! Need some posts written for your blog? Hit me up.


The great outdoors is often perceived as a mysterious and magical place. Why do aspen leaves turn a stunning shade of gold in the fall? Is devils club really medicinal? What is forest bathing and does it actually have healing powers? Do you have a question that you would like answered in a professionally researched article? Ask away!


Adventures happen every day but not every adventure gets shared. In my opinion, that’s a shame. Our stories are what connect us to each other and they inspire us to dream big or go big. Whether you’re looking for the right words to share your personal encounter or you know of a story that needs to be put down on paper, I can help.


eBooks are a fantastic way to get your knowledge and expertise out into the world in a quick and affordable way. Are you an outdoor photographer wanting to share you tips and tricks? Do you know more than most about outdoor survival skills? Can you cook the most enticing and delicious meals over a camp fire? Put your wisdom into words.