Being hangry is never fun

Especially when you’re outdoors, on an adventure, and supposed to be having a good time. Thinking ahead and packing quality food can literally be a life (or relationship) saver. And while I love me a white chocolate macadamia nut Clif Bar or some good ol’ dehydrated mac & cheese, sometimes it’s nice to have your own home-prepared food while you’re out in the woods

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Trail Cookies

These cookies are everything a trail cookie should be: salty, sweet, not too crumbly, covered in chocolate, and easily eaten by hand. What better trail treat could you ask for?

Blueberry vanilla Granola

The real vanilla bean makes a huge difference here (think freshly ground coffee vs instant), so don't skimp on that, please! I also love the taste of maple because I'm a Vermonter, especially in combination with blueberries and vanilla, but you could try honey instead. To get some clumps, don't stir the granola as it's baking or when it's cooling. This is the perfect breakfast for your next camping trip or a delicious snack to eat by the handful on the trail.