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I’m Becky, the girl behind Forever A Wanderer.

I live for adventure, exploration, and all types of fun. I also enjoy getting out of my comfort zone near and far from home.

You can usually find me on my mountain bike, in the backcountry, or working on a ship, which is my ‘day job’.

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Ever since I was little, I loved to travel. I was fortunate to have parents that took my brother and I on two-week vacations every year and once I was old enough to travel by myself I couldn’t be stopped. I spent six months in New Zealand during high school and a year in Kenya during college.

After college I landed a job working as a steward on board a fleet of small National Geographic cruise ships and spent my time off traveling the world.

Today, I’m still on the move and I know that travel and exploration will always be a part of my life.

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Hurricane, Sedona, Bend, Oakridge, Tucson, Phoenix


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England, Colombia, California, Thailand

The Ethicurian England

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England, Mexico, Spain, Thailand